About Me

Insanity is doing the same thing, but expecting a different result.

For years I tried every “diet” until I finally figured out that I needed to change my lifestyle. But how? And why are we so confused about diets and food?
Leaving behind a successful career in Information Technology I opened a wellness center with a focus on detoxification. Over a decade I researched everything on diet and detox and began by teaching free classes to the community on everything I was learning: from lymphatic drainage to juicing, and mineral deficiency to sauna therapy. My eBook “From Confusion to Clarity” compiles the insights I had on why we are so confused.

Along the way I realized that if a client just got off the processed food their health started to improve. I transformed from a junk-food junkie to a health conscious healer and have helped thousands of others do the same. I knew food was addicting, but now there is scientific evidence of that.

I use yogic principles and an elimination protocol when I coach my clients to guide them back to their innate wisdom; the wisdom of their body. My teachings of holistic health follow yogic principles, starting with ahimsa, or “non-harming.” Similar to the Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians to “first, do no harm.”

It seems so simple, yet somehow we forgot. Regardless of how we got here, it is time to course-correct. Change starts in the kitchen! Freedom Kitchen!

My clients have said my program(s) have set them free… and I love that! I believe that is my life’s purpose. Freedom Kitchen provides resources and cooking classes because it is my desire to set more people free, especially kids. Our kids are at a disadvantage with all the chemicals and “food-like products” 🙁 Will you join me in sharing this information for the sake of our kids?

I have supported thousands of people on their journey to wellness and with your support I can support thousands more. This is a reader-supported blog* dedicated to healthy living and whole food recipes.

For all those struggling with gluten, dairy, or other intolerances, autoimmune conditions, or other ailments, welcome to Freedom Kitchen, where you will find empathy and support.

I have only ever talked about or promoted products or services that I have tried and love. Nothing has been provided to me to create any bias. To date, all 16 years of my experience and education, with a huge investment of time and money, along with a lot of trial and error, has been on my own dime. However, as I add sponsored posts and promote products I love, I may earn a small commission, but this is at no cost to you. Freedom Kitchen can only help reach more people with your support.

Work With Me

I love to partner with brands and create meaningful content showcasing products and services that I trust and use in my own kitchen and cooking classes. There are a number of ways in which we can work together.
Here are a few ways we can work together:

Product Reviews & Demonstrations

As a health-conscious individual, and coach, I enjoy reviewing health-conscious products and would love to discuss working with brands in this niche.
Food Photography
Maximize social media platforms with engaging posts featuring quality food photography. As a food photographer, I can work with you to shoot photos of your product for use in your marketing efforts.

Recipe Development

Creativity in the kitchen is a challenge for most people, so let’s help them out with recipes using your products.

Cooking Class Sponsors

I am always happy to discuss the value of cooking classes and how you can benefit by sponsoring cooking classes.

Guest / Expert Appearances

As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and former corporate executive Lisa is available to appear or participate as a guest on your podcast, radio, TV, or any online show/programming as a contributor or expert in the following areas:
– Food/Recipes/Cooking
– Healthy Lifestyle / Toxicity / Detox
– Raising Kids to Cook / Cooking Classes
– Moving from IT to Bricks & Mortar to Digital Business

Photo & Recipe Sharing

All of my work is copyrighted. If you’re interested in using Freedom Kitchen photos and/or recipes on your site, magazine/publications etc… you must obtain permission to use it. All shared content must be credited and linked back to
Please Contact us with your specific request.
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